Lessons & LANTRA Courses

Get technical and learn about the ancient art of falconry and how its skills are used to show the birds’ natural behaviour.

We offer group classes, private lessons and courses for the beginner working towards the certificated LANTRA ‘beginning falconry’ award.

More advanced courses on specialist topics are also available for falconers.

Beginning Falconry Award.

The Award provides learners with the opportunity:

  • To demonstrate all aspects of bird of prey management and husbandry up to flying a bird to the glove on a line or creance.
  • To demonstrate practical skills necessary to keep a bird of prey in a safe and healthy condition.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of relevant background knowledge

The Award is divided into 2 mandatory units and 1 optional unit. We will focus on the mandatory units.

Mandatory Units

Unit 1. Bird of prey management and husbandry

Module 1. Housing

Module 2. Hygiene

Module 3. Feeding and food preparation

Module 4. Health

Module 5. Species suitability and legislation

Module 6. Purchasing your first bird

Unit 2. Basic Falconry techniques

Module 7. Essential falconry equipment

Module 8. Picking up and carrying

Module 9. Feeding, manning and initial training techniques

Module 10. Weighing & weight management

Module 11. Flying to the fist on a line or creance