Care and Nursing Home Entertainment Visits

We offer indoor visits with owls for residents to get up close and personal and involved in handling some of our most friendly of feathered friends.

Our cuddly owls are used to being taken indoors to visit people in a lounge setting and we can provide an informative and entertaining talk whilst showing some of the most beautiful owls native to Britain.

Our team includes the delicate barn owl, the camouflaged tawny owl, the cute little owl and also our amazing cuddly eagle owl called Dennis who is over 30 years old and retired now but still loves fuss and attention from everyone!

We also have a superb flying display team if you would like an interactive outdoor visit from us.

Part of our outdoor activity includes contact with a very friendly hawk who will fly to anyone wearing the leather glove, so even if a resident is seated or in a wheelchair they can join in!

A visit with birds of prey can give everyone a unique experience whilst getting close to nature and we will work with you to suit entertainment plans or tailor for a special occasion or open day for staff, residents and family.

Priced upon enquiry. Please call 01606 851873 to discuss or email for further information.

Care Home Falconry Experience
Care Home Falconry Experience